The Muslim Association, Trivandrum, registered in the year 1966 under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with its selfless activities and relentless services, has become an integral part of social life of Kerala and neighboring states since its inception. The Association was established by its great founders with a view to promote the educational, social, cultural and economic advancement of the under privileged communities, particularly the Muslims. The Association with its elite, chosen members represent almost all districts of Kerala, neighboring States and even from Gulf Countries. The Association which began to function in a humble way, has grown very fast and has now attained prestigious dimensions, thanks to the abundant blessings of God Almighty and the generous contribution of its members and public at large. The Association can take pride to be one of the premier and prestigious social and charitable organizations in South India.
The Office of the Association is housed in a three-storied building at Palayam (Nandavanam). The Complex includes an Islamic Cultural Centre, Spacious Auditorium, Industrial Training Centre and Study Centre of the Madurai Kamaraj University etc. besides the Head Quarters of the Muslim Association.
The Association initially took shape as a platform for exchange of views and ideas of well-meaning Muslims who were intellectually and emotionally languished over the pitiable condition of their own community. The yearning to do something to remove or at least to reduce the socio-political obstacles that stood blocking the progress of the community was shared by the founder members. The common concerns made them a well-knit unit. It is from their joint deliberations that the Association took its birth.
The Association bestowed its constant attention in the fields of education with the firm conviction that the Community can develop only through Education. Modern education is the foundation for all kinds of development. It is good educational institutions that take a society forward. The more the number of institutions of higher educations, the higher the progress of the society would be. This is an area where we gave stress for further development and brought the backward community into the main stream of the nation. With this realization, the Association began to plan for more educational institutions and also for higher educational institutions. Money, as always in the past turned out to be a real stumbling block. But unity of purpose and earnestness of the efforts behind it, did not find lack of money, a major problem. And God, the Almighty does not fail to bless noble-intentioned ventures meant for the uplift of the down trodden society.
And crowning glory of the Association is the establishment of the Muslim Association College of Engineering in the year 2002 at Venjaramoodu- Today the college offers B.Tech Courses in Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics and Information Technology and M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engg. subjects and has 130 teachers and 1300 students.
We have another ambitious project to have a multidimensional educational complex, for which we have purchased 21 acres of land very nearer to the city. Here we propose to start from nursery classes to professional courses to cater to the needs of the developing economy of the nation. Our emphasis would be the placement of students on completion of the respective courses. Many more educational projects are under our consideration and let us together pray that Allah, the Almighty may help materialize all our efforts and dreams for the well being of the humanity.