1.8 Lakh Seats Vacant in Engg Colleges

1.8 lakh engineering seats are lying vacant in colleges in Kerala, according to a New Indian Express report. Despite the fact that colleges have made admission procedures more lenient, there don’t seem to be any takers for these seats. This recent development has them concerned considering courses are set to start now, with admission process coming to a close soon.

The demand for engineering seats seems to have gone down as compared to seats in arts and science colleges. Many of these engineering colleges are self-financed whose management has spent crores putting up the infrastructure.

The office-bearers of the Kerala Self Financing Engineering College Managements Association(KSFEMCA) told The New Indian Express that electrical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering are the courses in which most seats are available. Computer science, mechanical engineering and civil engineering are still in demand. Authorities state that the fall in demand of these seats is due to the poor job market.

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